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 • June 6th, 2020:
    First recall in which a car manufacturer announces to the public in Israel
    that there is a possibility that hackers take over the vehicle:

For the first time in Israel - car crash for fear of hacking

"Hackers can break into automotive systems through intrusion into radio and multimedia systems"
“The audio system has a certain vulnerability in its security that could allow unauthorized third parties to gain access to some of the vehicle’s control systems connected to the network.”
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OttoSec is developing an Effective, Simple, Practical and Low Cost SOLUTION for this type of cyber vulnerabilities

 • May 19th, 2020:
    OTTOSEC participate at the EcoMotion 2020 Startup Exhibition

 • March 30th, 2020:
    OTTOSEC participate at the EcoMotion Annual Investors Event / Webinar