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Most modern vehicles rely on CANBUS networks for critical systems control.

When those CANBUS networks were designed, very little consideration, if any, has been given to the possibility of malicious attacks against the CANBUS network.

This can lead to severe risks of Cyber-Attacks against vehicles, potentially resulting in damage to the vehicle and even loss of life.

Attack Vectors may include:
  • Multimedia and Navigation units
  • OnStar or similar driver-assistance devices
  • V2V/V2X Communication Modules
  • Telematics and Fleet-Management units
  • OBD dongles
  • USB devices
  • ...and more

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From the Internet - The current state of Automotive Cyber-Security:

Consumer Watchdog report – August 2019:
Hacking of Internet Connected Cars a security threat:
Consumer Watchdog Experts agree that connecting safety-critical components to the Internet through a complex information and entertainment device is a security flaw.
This design allows hackers to control a vehicle’s operations and take it over from across the Internet.
Car makers have even acknowledged to investors and shareholders the dangers of connected cars and their vulnerability to hacking.
However, technologists report the companies are deceiving the public about the risks and their inability to eliminate them after nearly a decade of trying.
Expert hackers report that time and money are the only things that stand between them and hacking a fleet of cars.
Software design practices that result in frequent hacks of everything from consumer electronics to financial systems cannot be trusted in cars, which can endanger not only the lives of their occupants, but also pedestrians and everyone else on the road.

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Daimler Chrysler 2018 Annual Report:
Due in particular to the changed risk situation relating to cybercrime and hacker attacks, the possible impact of information-technology risks has increased compared with the previous year from Medium to High.

PWC publication on this topic:
While automakers have stepped up their game to meet consumer demand for connected cars, some are inadequately addressing the cyber risks inherent in mobile connectivity.

PWC: Cyber readiness - Are auto companies prepared to counter the risk of a cyber attack?
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